Technical Spec for Spectrum Coatings Professional uPVC Spray Painting.

Spectrum Coatings Ltd. is an approved and registered applicator of Kolorbond products

  • Kolorbond® manufactures a range of coatings suitable for all substrates including original Kolorbond® which forms a molecular cross-bond with PVCu and other hard plastics.
  • Kolorbond®  products are available in RAL, BS and all major paint colours. Special colours, including metallic and pearlescent, can be colour matched at no extra cost. Gloss levels from super matt to 85% gloss are available.
  • Using British Standards criteria, original Kolorbond®  shows excellent adhesion (100%) in cross cut tests and after bend tests at 90°. It also passed tests for Scratch resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Thermal Shock and Chemical Resistance to most common chemicals.
  • Accelerated weathering tests show excellent results with only minimal fade of colour and loss of gloss over the test period which is judged equivalent to weathering over ten years. This is due to the use of only the best and most stable colourants and highly effective UV absorbers.
  • Original Kolorbond® formula, which ensures its unique chemical cross bonding with PVCu, allows the coating to carry a 15 year adhesion life expectancy.
  • Kolorbond K2 is often referred to as a super coating. It provides an excellent bond on numerous substrates including PVCu, hard plastics, mill aluminium, anodised aluminium, GRP, steel and even glass.


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